The PRODIGAL RANCH series for Love Inspired debuted in September with THE RANCHER'S HOMECOMING. It's been fun getting back to my roots in Oklahoma. I grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma, and that red dirt is in my blood. My dad was a jack- of-all-trades and worked in the oil fields, as did my grandfather. They taught me well about tough and tender Oklahoma men. Watch for the second and third books in that series, HER SINGLE DAD HERO and HER COWBOY BOSS. Hopefully we'll be revisiting little War Bonnet, Oklahoma in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, the fourth book in the HOBBY RUN series will be up soon. HOBBY RUN is an attempt to translate my love for my Arkansas home to my readers, as well--I hope--as an honest attempt to portray, explain, and translate the Christian lifestyle. Most of all, it's fun, though the books are considerably edgier than my Love Inspired books. I pray that the books are as meaningful to my readers as they have been for me to write. You'll find a page dedicated to the series here on this website.

Take a look. Buy a book. Write a review.

Thanks. God bless. And Merry Christmas!


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Book 2 The Prodigal Ranch series from Love Inspired
Book 1 The Prodigal Ranch series from Love Inspired
Book 2 of the HOBBY RUN series. Available via
Book 1 of the HOBBY RUN series. Available via Amazon. com