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Ten years ago Ann Billings left her Oklahoma ranch behind and headed to the big city. But when her ailing father needs her to temporarily run the spread, she's back—successful, accomplished…and engaged. She's got her whole life on track—but she never planned on Dean Pryor or his gap-toothed five-year-old son. Years ago the farmer would've done anything to be noticed by Ann, and it seems nothing's changed. His feelings still run deep, and this time his boy's fallen for her, too. Now Dean faces a most daunting task: showing Ann that their little trio may not be what she'd mapped out…but it's exactly what she's always needed.


Rex Billings has a law practice in Tulsa. He never wanted to take over the family ranch, but his father, Wes, is ill and needs the family to rally around and help out. Until Rex's sisters can get leaves from their jobs, he's it. Then he hires young widow Callie Deviner as housekeeper and cook. Even as Callie and her baby girl steal his heart, however, her overbearing father makes life difficult. He's already picked out his next son-in-law, and Rex is not him! Love and faith have much to overcome: place, illness, occupation, even overprotective fathers.


Dr. Tate Golden is a ladies' man--with a painful secret. Nurse Amalie Harter is a divorced mom who sings and plays in an unusual and surprisingly successful praise band, HOBBY RUN. She's also determined to set a good example for her boys, so when Tate sets his sites on her, he gets much more than he bargained for. Here is a woman he cannot seduce, and when he begins to understand why, his life is changed. But Tate's secret may well cost him the great love he thought he'd already lost but has only just found.


Rey lost a foot serving his country as a Marine and came home to raise four younger siblings. The last thing he needs is an unmarried 19-year-old with a baby, no matter how beautiful or hardworking she is. When Rey realizes that Della is fighting her own war, however, a war that only faith and love can win, the hero in Rey just won't let him step away.


After 25 years of separation, they are different people. Yet, seeing each other again is like hearing a familiar old love song. Music brought them together once before, so it's not surprising that it should bring them together again, but reclaiming what they once had isn't a simple matter of forgiving, even now that they're both Christians. Secrets from the past must be revealed. Betrayals must be faced. Godly love that goes beyond mere romance to true healing is required, but can it be found?

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Book 3 The Prodigal Ranch series from Love Inspired - July 2017
Book 2 The Prodigal Ranch series from Love Inspired
Book 1 The Prodigal Ranch series from Love Inspired
Book 3 of the HOBBY RUN series. Available via
Book 2 of the HOBBY RUN series. Available via
Book 1 of the HOBBY RUN series. Available via Amazon. com

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