Saint Patrick's


Dear Reader,

Many consider St. Patrick's Day as nothing more than an excuse to party, but St. Patrick was a remarkable individual. He went from slave to bishop, and returned to the site of his slavery (Ireland), years after escaping, to bring the Christian faith to a pagan land.

Forced for six years to tend sheep as a slave, he became a shepherd of the church, serving for decades those who had captured and enslaved him. Hundreds of thousands converted in the 4th century due to his influence.

It is said that he used the three-leaf clover to teach the principle of the Holy Trinity. As a result, it has become a tradition to wear and display green on the anniversary of his death (March 17). Over 1,600 years later, Protestants and Catholics alike still remember him and the work he did for Christ.

I urge you to celebrate his good work in a fashion that will please the God he served so diligently.


About the artwork on this page...

Christ Rising
a  2' x 4' painting
black ink on white canvas
by artist
James E Rather