The HOBBY RUN Book Series

YSet in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri.
Ten Christian musicians meet at a Battle of the Bands contest and form a strong "family" unit, supporting one another through thick and thin...
and romance,
proving that God always has a plan for everything He allows into our lives.

Four Bands Become One...

Oldsters  = Wyatt Ogilvie & Drew Camstock
Bass = Charles Biggs & Matthew Polo
Rockers = Samson Cody, Stuart Champion, &  Ronan Younger
Nine = Amalie Harter, JoJo Lansing, & Reynaldo Carter

The Milking Barn is the venue where the HOBBY RUN band most often plays, usually twice a month on Friday evenings. A converted milking barn owned and operated by Maggs Marko, a music promoter, the expansive performance site is located in far southwest Missouri, just over the Arkansas state line. No alcohol is served, and a church meets in the building on Sunday mornings.

The Books

  1. A Familiar Love Song Book 1
    After 25 years of separation, they are different people. Yet, seeing each other again is like hearing a familiar old love song that strikes all the right chords and plucks the same heartstrings. Music brought them together the first time, so it's not entirely surprising that it should bring them together again, even if it's in a different state and a quarter century later. Reclaiming what they once had isn't a simple matter of forgiving, however, even now that they are both Christians. Secrets of the past must be faced, and some betrayals and disappointments require a godly love that goes beyond mere romance to true healing.
  2. A Hero's Love Song Book 2
    Rey is the real deal. Served his country as a Marine. Lost his foot in war. Returned home to raise four younger siblings. The very last thing he needs is a desperate, unmarried 19-year-old showing up on his doorstep with her baby, especially as she does not even seem to know who fathered the boy. Della is not just wildly beautiful, though. She has courage and strength, but she's fighting her own war. These are not battles that can be fought with fists and munitions, however. Only faith and love can win this one. But are they enough?
  3. The Healer's Love Song Book 3
    Living a "clean" life and setting a good example for her sons has always been Amalie Harter's chief goal, but it hasn't been easy for the single mom. Having a handsome, charming doctor set out to seduce her doesn't help! Tate Golden doesn't concern himself with my of anything except playing the game of romance and having a little fun. Life hasn't left him a lot of options, at least none he can see...until he meets Amalie Harter. But even with all she teaches him, he has to concede that some problems cannot be controlled by the will of man or a heart filled with love. Some things simply have to be accepted and left to God.
  4. Honor's Love Song Book 4
    Charlie Biggs lives up to his surname in size, talent, and commitment. Though he’s been blessed with much success, he’s waited 39 years for God to bring him the right woman. He doesn’t expect her to be familiar, untrustworthy, and a criminal. From the moment he discovers her battered and bruised beside the road, however, he can’t imagine himself with anyone else. Paige Hampton has spent her life conning the unwary. She’s had so many identities that she’s not even sure who she really is, but one thing is certain: She’s not worthy of a man like Charlie… or the Savior at the center of Charlie’s life.

HOBBY RUN Central Characters

The Hillbilly Oldsters

Wyatt Ogilvie
The oldest member of the group, Wyatt is a carpenter by trade. He lives in Centerton, west of Bentonville, Arkansas, in a converted boathouse ( by a lake that no longer exists). Once a professional musician, he plays the guitar and the banjo. Wyatt also sings, though his gravelly voice is no longer the pure baritone of his youth.
Drew Camstock
A man of mystery and surprising talents, Drew is proud of his long hair and tattoos. Unapologetically acerbic, he rides a motorcycle and runs a bait shop in Bella Vista, north of Bentonville, Arkansas. He's the last one you'd expect to be educated well enough to continually step up and rescue his bandmates in a variety of legal matters, but Drew has many personal secrets. He never learned to read music, though he plays a variety of instruments by ear: the fiddle (don't confuse it with the violin), the harmonica, spoons... Drew is a a guy who never abandons those dear to him. Even in his scruffy fifties, you'd still want Drew at your side in every moment of crisis.

Big Bass

Charles Biggs
Charlie is the real deal. The big man is not just a successful songwriter, he's a musical genius with a big heart and a stirring voice. With his partner Matt, he's half of the duo, Big Bass. He plays anything with strings, including the big upright bass, the violin, the piano, and even the harp. Charlie lives on a small, luzurious ranch in the Ozarks, and he doesn't really need HOBBY RUN, but--oh, brother--do they ever need him. In his own quiet, humble way, Charlie is the heart and soul of the group.
Matthew Polo
Matt is a complex character. A true professional, he lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with his artist wife and performs routinely in Branson, Missouri. He's the least grounded Christian in the group, and he holds himself back from everyone but Charlie, his partner in Big Bass. Like Charlie, he's a tall man and a gifted musician with stringed instruments, including the upright bass. Matt's had much pain and disappointment in his life, and he's more than a little bitter about it.

The Young Rockers

Stuart Champion
The oldest of the Young Rockers, Champ is a lovable, easygoing fellow and a loyal friend. An adopted only-child raised by an older couple who were themselves only children, he's very much alone in the world, and he feels it. A computer tech in "real life," he shuns the limelight while playing bass guitar and singing backup for the eclectic and increasingly successful HOBBY RUN. He's bought a house in Bentonville, Arkansas, and is ready and waiting for love and marriage...that he just doesn't seem destined to find.
 Samson Cody
A hot, young drummer by night, an accounts manager for a soft drink company by day, Sam lives in Bentonville, Arkansas. Like the other members of the Young Rockers, he is adopted. The only son of a pastor with four natural daughters, Sam often feels like a very loved fish-out-of-water and hasn't quite found his place in life yet.
Ronan Younger
The youngest in the HOBBY RUN band, Ronan is a college student living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The founding impetus of the Young Rockers, he's a college student and the favorite of everyone in the band. A sweet kid who plays guitar, sings, and is always willing to lend a hand or do a favor, he's also wise beyond his years due to his upbringing. The stern Christian couple who raised him were not his parents. The woman who gave birth to him is very much still in the picture, but his biological father took a hike the moment he learned of Ronan's existence, which lends great value to his relationships with the other band members.

Unit Nine

Amalie Harter
A former Army nurse from Louisiana, Amalie works for the Veteran's Administration in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Divorced, she shares custody of her young sons with her ex. While working in rehab unit #9, she met a pair of musically talented veterans. Together, they formed a band named for the rehab unit where they all met. A pianist with a sultry contralto voice, she plays keyboard and supplies vocals. She also rents to bandmate JoJo.
JoJo Lansing
Josephine Joy Lansing came throug her deployment in Afghanistan without a scratch--unless you count seeing her fiance' blown to bits in front of her. Unfortunately, her carrer military father and pastor brother just don't get it. She moved to Fayetteville because the VA hospital there has a great reputation, and she knew she needed help coping with her trauma. JoJo manages a print shop and spends most of her time with her best friend, Amalie. She never dreamed that playing the flute would or provide the outlet she so desperately needed or that Unit Nine and HOBBY RUN would become the support group she so deeply craves.
Reynaldo Ruiz Carter
Rey served his country in the Marine Corps and lost his foot and ankle in Afghanistan, only to return home to find himself responsible for four of his five younger siblings. A trained mechanic, Rey has a useful, marketable skill and he's made of stern stuff, but it's a lot to ask anyone to take on. His saxophone provides relief from his chaotic household in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but it's his mellow, golden singing voice that makes the girls swoon, much to handsome Rey's embarrassment

The Brains

Maggs Marko
Maggs is the brains behind HOBBY RUN. A producer and manager, she's worked in the music industry for decades. She's one tough cookie, but she's had to be. She's made mistakes, and she's paid for them. In spades. Now, she's happy to provide a venue and guide for this unique blend of artists and styles. She's living on faith and forgiveness.
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